Why You Should Hire a Direct Staffing Agency

About 13,000 trade shows occur in the U.S. annually. If you need to find a trade show for your business, you should find one easily. However, you may or may not be prepared to attend one.

Do you think that a team made of in-house workers can truly pull off a trade show? They’ll likely have little to no experience working at such events. Professional event staffing, on the other hand, will have this experience.

They can also help you with several other kinds of marketing events in many ways. Read on to learn more about these benefits.

No Wasted Hours

No matter what kind of demonstration you’re organizing, an in-house team will need time to prepare. You’ll likely pull them away from other tasks for prep sessions. This could cause them to fall behind on other business projects.

In addition, it may take a long time to prepare your staff. You could end up wasting several productivity hours a day on a pop-up event, sampling demonstration, etc.

You won’t need to train a team from a direct staffing agency as much. You also won’t need to spend your in-house employees’ hours on the training. They can continue working on important business projects.

No Absence Issues

Members of an in-house street team can skip out on your experiential event. They can get sick or injured. Sometimes they may not show up for no reason at all.

When this happens, will you be able to replace them? Your in-house employees may be too busy. You may need to get the event to function with fewer staff members.

An event staffing company won’t let this happen. They can easily find one or more substitute staff members. Your marketing event should then function as normal.

No Unanswered Questions

When you use an event staffing agency, you won’t just gain the expertise of their event staff. Professionals at the agency can also give you helpful advice. This can elevate your marketing event to the next level.

For example, you may feel unsure about the number of members your street team needs. Just ask the helpful professionals at the direct staffing agency what they suggest. You’re sure to get a clear answer.

In addition, they also know about all the regulations of any of the places you’ll visit. Each state, city, etc., will have unique break, overtime, minimum wage, etc. requirements. You won’t need to learn about all of these yourself when an event staffing agency is on your side.

Use Our Event Staffing

A successful marketing event can bring you new customers, profitable network connections, and more. However, without a direct staffing agency, your event may not be as successful as you’d wish.

When you need staff for a marketing event, try using our services. We have a database of over 50,000 event staff members in 375 major metropolitan areas nationwide.

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